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       Wat Mahathat at Sukhothai Historical Park
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                               Wat Mahathat
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                        Ancient Kiln at Si Satchanalai


Location Map
GPS : 17.0160018,99.7002166

ukhothai was the first Kingdom of the Thais in this peninsula,
founded in A.D.1238, and was the capital of Thailand for
approximately 120 years. The World Heritage Committee
inscribed Sukhothai and Associated Cities on the World
Heritage List in 1991.

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icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Sukhothai Historical Park , Map
icdocarr1.GIF (249 bytes) Ramkhamhaeng National Museum
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The City Shrine
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Si Satchanalai Historical Park
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Ancient Kiln
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Haad Siew & Gold Textile Museum
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Ramkamhaeng National Park
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Souvenirs & Hand-made Products

Sukhothai Map

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How to get there :

Sukhothai1.gif (12648 bytes) 1) By Car. The distance from
Bangkok to Sukhothai is approx.
427 kms. Travelling by car will
pass through many provinces and
visitors can enjoy rural Thailand.
2) By Bus. Take the air or non air-conditioned bus from Moh Chit
bus terminal, Kamphaeng Phet Rd.,
Tel. (02) 537-8055-6.
3) By Railway. No direct trains to
Sukhothai. One may travel by train
to Phitsanulok and then take a local
bus to Sukhothai,a distance of
60 kms. For further information call
(02) 223-7010, or (02) 223-7020.

4) By Air. Bangkok Airways has a daily flight from Bangkok to
Sukhothai. Please contact (02) 229-3456-63. The Sukhothai
Airport is located some 20 kms north of the city. Thai Airways
operate several flights daily to Phitsanulok. Please contact
(02) 280-060-80.