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The Entrance to Viharnra Sien

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 (Bangkoksite Photo taken on June 17, 2001 and
  September 12, 2001 and May 9, 2010).

The Viharnra Sien or Anek Kusol Sala in Thai is located in
the large compound of Wat Yanasangwararam, branch off
at km 160, near Pattaya. The building is beautifully built
and large amount of Chinese statues and antiques are

Viharnra Sien is both a Chinese temple and a museum
built by Thai people of Chinese descendants ( in honor
for His Majesty the King who officially opened it in 1993 )
to exhibit Chinese antiquities, artefacts, religious statues
and to show and worship their religious believes. Viharnra
Sien which means "Abode of the Gods" housed interesting items such as replicas of the famed terracotta warriors,
white jade statue of Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), brass sculptures of Chinese gods and a pair of huge granite
Peking Lions.

  See Video Clip (3 : 57 Min.)

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 The Second Floor.

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