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Mini Siam
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The sculpture of Vishnu in slumber on Nagaraja.
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The Statue of King Rama V infront of the Old
House of Parliament.

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Sukhothai, the Ruins

(Bangkoksite Photos taken on April 13, 1999 and Digiital
Photos taken on  September 12, 2001).
Mini Siam - Mini Europe

The Mini Siam and Mini Europe is located near Pattaya City
(just few kilometers before reaching Pattaya). It displays
Thai and European heritage (including Angkor Wat) on a
miniature scale of 1:25. This is the third miniature town in
the world, after the Netherlands and Taiwan, that brings
together models of important objects and historical sites
of different culture and civilization of various periods from
the ancient time till present.

More than 100 models are displayed in an area of 29 rai,
surrounded by natural sceneries blended with different
types of well selected trees.

Sample of miniatures in Europe & Thailand :
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MiniSiam833S.JPG (17806 bytes) MiniSiam803S.JPG (12448 bytes)
MiniSiam797S.JPG (11336 bytes) MiniSiam810S.JPG (13530 bytes)

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