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         The Mhor Chit 2 Bus Terminal
(Photo taken on March 1, 1999)
Northern-Central-Northest-East-West Bus Terminal
The new Mhor Chit 2 bus terminal is located on Kamphaengphet road,
near Chatuchak week-end market. This modern bus terminal serves
the transportation to various provinces in the north, the northeast, the
central area, including the eastern and the western part of the country.

The large bus terminal has all kinds of necessary facilities such as :
large air-conditioned hall, ticket booths, waiting area with a lot of seats,
cafeteria, food corners, newspaper and magazine shops, drug store,
bath rooms and toilets, etc.

HuaLamPong2.jpg (25282 bytes) Bangkok Main Railway Station ( Hua Lampong )
Bangkok main railway station is Hua Lam Pong. It is rather
old station, with its tall half circle roof built in 1890 or 110
years ago. The design was modeled on one of the main-line
terminals in Manchester, England.

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