TrainL.jpg (24079 bytes)    Steam locomotive used shortly after the war is
displayed beside the River Kwai Bridge Station.

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Bridge over River Kwai - Nam Tok Station Railway

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(Updated on January 8, 2007)

The historic railway to Burma built during World War II
now exists only a section from the Bridge over the River
Kwai station to Nam Tok station, a distance of about
50 kilometers (31 miles).

The breath-taking journey along the edge of mountains
and the river by diesel locomotive and passenger cars
is something unforgettable. It takes about one-and-a-
half hours across one of the shakiest bridges in the
world; over the wooden pillars and sleepers creak and
groan as the train moves slowly across them.

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Daily Train Schedule :
Departure Thonburi Station (Bangkok) Departure the River Kwai Bridge Arrival at Nam Tok Station
- 06.18 08.40
07.40 11.08 12.50
13.50 16.42 18.40
Departure Nam Tok Station Arrival at the River Kwai Bridge Arrival at Thonburi Station (Bangkok)
05.25 07.18 10.20
13.00 14.43 17.40
15.15 17.43 -


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