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Uttamanusorn (Mon Bridge)
The longest wooden bridge in Thailand.

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The upper part of Khao Laem Lake.
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Resort hotel by the lake.

Welcome to Sangkhlaburi
Sangkhlaburi is a  beautiful western-most district adjacent to Myanmar,
which is about 370 kms from Bangkok. The city has its own charm
with mountains, rivers, and a lake as a part of Khao Laem reservoir.
Several good resort hotels and restaurants are available.

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The upper part of Khao Laem Lake with Mon Bridge in the far distance.
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1. Mon Bridge & Mon Villages
2. Wat Wang Wiwekaram
3. Three Pagodas Pass

How to Get There
Travel to Kanchanaburi either
by train or by car, then proceed
by car to Thong Pha Phum and
Sangkhlaburi. The distance
from Kanchanaburi to Sangkhla-
buri is 220 kms.

Map of Kanchanaburi

Map of Sangkhlaburi

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  HQ 16,895 kB  (3 : 42 Min)
This video was made from
several digital photos shot
during the trip in 2006.


  GPS Location : N 15.144091   E 98.449945

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