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Teak wood corridor leading to the beach.
(Postcard photo).
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The theatre is located on the ground floor.     
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The road to the entrance.

    (Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on March 29, 2003).

The old summer residence of King Rama VI is located
between Cha Am and Hua Hin seaside resorts,
Phetchaburi Province, about 200 kms from Bangkok.

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The old residence of King Rama VI during
the visit in the summer. The whole buildings
are supported by more than 1,000 concrete

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Cha Am beach in front of the summer residence.
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A very beautiful structure and old time architecture of
the residence which has been renovated.   

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  HQ 18,739 | SQ 11,790 kB (2 : 39 Min)

Phra Ratchaniwet Mrigadayavan
  12 41' 54.07" N,99 57' 40.37" E

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