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       Songkhla Province    
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    The Golden Mermaid at Samila Beach
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Wat Matchimawat
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  Hat Yai
  (Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on July 2, 2002) 

Songkhla is a  border province in Southern Thailand,
adjoining the State of Kedah in Malaysia. It is a historic
town which has ancient ruins, arts, and places of
cultural importance, and it is also a principal sea  port.
Songkhla has fine beaches and the largest lake in
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BlueArrow.gif (299 bytes) Samila Beach
BlueArrow.gif (299 bytes) Songkhla Lake and Koh Yor
BlueArrow.gif (299 bytes) Songkhla National Museum
BlueArrow.gif (299 bytes) Wat Matchimawat
BlueArrow.gif (299 bytes) Hat Yai City
Map of Songkhla

How to Get There :
1) By Bus. The distance from Bangkok to Songkhla
is 950 kms (590 miles). Several air-conditioned coaches
and non-air-conditioned buses leave Bangkok for Hat Yai
and vice versa. Please contact Bangkok Southern Bus
Terminal at (02) 435-1199, 434-5557-8 or Hat Yai Bus
Terminal (074) 232-404, 232-789.
2) By Train. Train services linking Bangkok and Hat Yai
include rapid and express trains. Please contact
Bangkok Railway Station at (02) 223-7010, 223-7020,
or at Hat Yai Railway Station (074) 243-705, 246-267-8.
3) By Air. Thai Airways International offers many  flights
daily between Bangkok and Hat Yai. For further
information please contact Thai Airways International
Bangkok Office at (02) 282-0060, 628-2000 or
Hat Yai Office (074) 245-851, 233-433, 244-282.

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