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    The Statue of Sunthorn Phu
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      Hotel on the Hill    
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Rayong Beach near Suan Son Park

  (Bangkoksite Photos taken on June 20, 2000)

Rayong province is in the east and the city is
approximately 220 kms (140 miles) from Bangkok.
The province is famous for its fine beach, tasty food, etc.
Travelling by car will be quite convenient.From Bangkok
visitors can visit Pattaya and then Rayong. Several
seaside resorts are beautiful and there are a lot of
hotels and bungalos at reasonable prices.

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The Statue of Sunthorn Phu

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Laem Mae Pim Beach

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Wang Kaew Resort

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Map of Rayong & Nearby Areas

How to Get There  :
1) By Car. From Bangkok take the Motorway or the
elevated highway to Chonburi, take the Motorway direct
to Rayong Province. The highway section from nearby
Pattaya to Rayong has been improved to divided
highway and traveling is very comfortable.
2) By Bus. Several air-conditioned and non air-conditioned
buses leave the bus terminal daily.

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  Suan Son Park
HQ 12,228 | SQ 9,462 kB (1 : 57 Min)
  The Statue of Sunthorn Phu
HQ 19,182 | SQ 12,673 kB (2 : 59 Min)
  Rayong Beach
HQ 12,464 | SQ 8,298 kB (1 : 55 Min)
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SQ = Standard Quality

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