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Bridge on the River Kwai - Details

Special Tourist Train

Part of the Riverside Restaurant

(Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on Sept. 25, 2005)    

Updated Pictures/Information -
Sept. 25,2005

Upon a re-visit to the Bridge on the River
Kwai (or River Kwae) we found that the
landscape near the Bridge has been nicely developed. Visitors can walk on the small
paved road under the bridge. Floating
restaurants on both sides are still there
but look nicer.

The famous Bridge on the River Kwai is located in Kanchanaburi
Province, not far from the city center. This bridge was first built as
a part of the railway between Thailand and Burma in 1942.

During the World War II, the Japanese wanted to seek to shorten the supply lines between Japan and Burma in preparation for an eventual attact on British India. The Japanese started work on a railway from Thailand to Burma through the river valley for a distance of about 400 kilometers or 249 miles. Constructions were split into many different areas and carried out simultaneously. The Japanese enforced roughly 250,000 Asian laborers and 61,000 Allied prisoners-of-war to construct 260 kms of rail on the Thai side, approaching the
Three Pagodas Pass on the border. Unfortunately, it is estimated that 100,000 Asian laborors
and 16,000 Allied prisoners lost their lives during that period due to
many factors, such as : starvation, exhaustion, diseases, and especially
malaria fever (now it is safe!).

In Kanchanaburi, graves mark
6,982 of the Allied soldiers. There are
two cemeteries, the larger one is on the main road nearly opposite
the railway station; and the second is at Chungkai which is across
the river on the banks of the Kwai Noi.

The original bridge is no longer exist, and the present one is for railway use and allow people and motorcycle to cross. Today there are trains
running from Kanchanaburi to the terminus at
Nam Tok station for a distance of 50 kilometers (31 miles). This journey may be one of the
very exciting thing to do for tourists.

Bridge over the River Kwai is world famous from the Hollywood film made long time ago.

Special Tourist Train
A small tourist train driven by diesel engine runs across the
River Kwai Bridge regularly at every 25 - 30 minutes interval.
Riding on the train will give an impression of the bridge and
it is very exciting. The fair is 20 baht for a 15-minute ride.


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