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            The Rose Garden
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Chinese-style building and a small lake.
(January 17, 1999 photo)

The Rose Garden not only is famous for
roses but nowadays a lot of orchids are grown.

(Bangkoksite photos taken on January 17, 1999,
Digital Photos taken on Oct. 13, 2002, January 2006 and recently on August 10, 2008).

The Rose Garden is situated on Phetkasem Road, about
32 kms from Bangkok. This garden has an area of about
60 acres and consists of beautiful lawns, small lake,
gardens, orchards, first-class hotel with swimming pool,
restaurants, children's playground, Thai and Chinese-style
buildings, famous Thai Village Cultural show e.g.Thai folk
dancing, Thai boxing, cock fighting, and sword fighting

Rose Garden New Video Clips
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Scenery of roses and the Nakhon Chaisri Rive
where river cruising with lunch is available for

(January 17, 1999 photo)

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13 43' 58.82" N,100 14' 38.68" E

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The Rose Garden Map (Click to Enlarge)

Rose Garden Riverside Hotel
(Nakhon Pathom)

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