City_Centre_map-01-01.gif (8685 bytes) City_Centre_map-01-02A.gif (9742 bytes)
Button-Y-01.gif (166 bytes) Wat Phra Kaeo
Button-Y-02.gif (174 bytes) Lak Muang Shrine
Button-Y-03.gif (174 bytes) Wat Pho
Button-Y-04.gif (175 bytes) Wat Arun(Temple of Dawn)
Button-Y-05.gif (173 bytes) Wat Mahathat
Button-Y-06.gif (175 bytes) Wat Ratchabophit New
Button-Y-07.gif (170 bytes) Wat Suthat New
Button-Y-08.gif (176 bytes) Wat Ratchanaddaram New
Button-Y-09.gif (175 bytes)
ButtonY10.gif (198 bytes)
Wat Theptidaram New
Wat Bovorniwet New
Button-B-01.gif (160 bytes) Royal Grand Palace
Button-B-02.gif (171 bytes) National Museum
Button-B-03.gif (168 bytes) National Theatre
Button-B-04.gif (166 bytes) National Gallery
Button-B-05.gif (167 bytes) Democracy Monument
Button-B-06.gif (168 bytes) City Hall
Button-B-07.gif (168 bytes) Giant Swing New
Button-B-08.gif (171 bytes) Pahurat Market
Button-B-09.gif (168 bytes) Phra Buddha Yodfa
Button-P-01.gif (158 bytes) Rattana Kosin Hotel
Button-P-02.gif (164 bytes) Vieng Tai Hotel
Button-P-04.gif (167 bytes) Miramar Hotel
Note: No.3 Majestic hotel is no longer
         in operation.
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City Centre_map-03-01.gif (5386 bytes) City Centre_map-03-02.gif (13333 bytes)
                         Map of Rattana Kosin
                  The Historic City Center

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