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Wat1B.JPG (22058 bytes)
Tha Main chapel of Wat Suthat.
BuddhaImage1B.JPG (22782 bytes)
Phra Sisakayamuni, the presiding
Buddha image in the viharn
GiantSwing1B.JPG (14650 bytes)
The Giant Swing in front of Wat Suthat.

(Bangkoksite Digital Photos taken on
September 1, 2001)

Wat Suthat is a large monastery covering an area of
44,980 square metres that is located right at the
heart of Bangkok. The construction began during the
reign of King Rama I (1807 A.D.) and it took 27 years
to complete. Phra Sisakayamuni image from Wat
Mahathat in Sukhothai was brought to reign over
the temple, and the City of Bangkok for that matter.

Wat Suthat is a focal point for many interesting
architectural, sculptural, and visual highlights reflective
of Buddhist theme and philosophy.

Large VDO : New123A.gif (1369 bytes)
HQ 38,920 | SQ 24,467 kB (5 : 45 Min)
    DoorPanel1.JPG (13973 bytes) The doors and windows
of the main chapel are
individually carved with
intricate and beautiful
details. The main
doorway at the front
entrance was noted to
be the work of King
Rama II himself.
Wat3S.JPG (11791 bytes) Wat2S.JPG (12374 bytes)
Painting1S.JPG (16522 bytes)
  Mural painting on one
of the main chapel walls.
Sitting Buddha1S.JPG (16141 bytes)
   Buddha images on
         the balcony.

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