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October 22, 2008  Bangkoksite.com main page was improved for more pleasant viewing. 


October 16 - 19, 2008 Development of more professional videos using "Blue Screen" special effects were
made. One example is the
Nai Han Beach video to start with, and we added
a short scene of an amateur presenter.
  October 12, 2008 Newly built video - slideshow clips (480 x 270 pixels) were : Phuket | Khao Phing Kan |
Koh Samui.
  October 10, 2008  Newly built video clips (480 x 270 pixels) were : Temple of the Emerald Buddha |
Wat Pho - Part 1 | Wat Pho - Part 2
  October 1-9, 2008  Video clips for Phuket & Phang Nga trip were posted. Due to the beautiful sceneries
we have added new size video of 480 x 270 pixels both for high quality and standard
quality. These videos are :
Patong Beach | The View Point | Phromthep Cape
Nai Han Beach | Phuket Aquarium | Khao Lak | Khao Lak - Lam Ru National Park.
  Sept. 25-28, 2008  A four-day visit to Phuket & Phang Nga was made. This is an expensive trip for us
due to the airfare, hotel, car rental, and especially foods. However, we were lucky with
fine weather so the new photos and videos came out beautifully. To see additional
information, photos and 10 video clips of Phuket please
CLICK here.  For Phang Nga
province we only went to
Khao Lak and nearby area and 2 video clips were made.
  Sept. 23, 2008  A short trip to Hua Hin was made. Photos and videos were shot at Cha Am
and Hua Hin.
  Sept. 21, 2008  A visit to Chulachomklao Fortress was made. Video clip is being prepared.
  Sept. 6, 2008  A re-visit to Nakhon Nayok Province was made. New pictures and video clips
were added for
Sida Resort , Wang Takhrai Resort, and Khundan Prakanchon Dam.
  Sept. 2, 2008  Main page of Bangkoksite.com has been improved by incorporating new window
for "Video Clip of the Week", 260 pixels in width, and larger full VDOs are still
kept in the video summary pages.
  August 24, 2008  We have just included 14 Geographical Locations on some of the tourist attraction
places. For example :

Ancient City | Bangsai | Rose Garden | Phang Nga | Phuket | Pattaya | Kanchanaburi
Suvarnabhumi Airport | Cha Am Beach | Wat Arun | Sida Resort | ...
  August 24, 2008   A re-visit to Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre was made. Video clips posted
were :
High Quality | Standard Quality.
  August 12, 2008   Video clip of Siam Paragon shopping center was made.
  August 10, 2008   Another visit to Phutta Monthon and the Rose Garden (Suan Sampran) was made.
Three video clips were prepared as follows : Phutta Monthon | Rose Garden 1 | and
Rose Garden 2 .
  August 3, 2008   A re-visit to King Rama IX Royal Park was made. Pictures and new video clip
were added.
  July 19, 2008   A brief video clip of Siam Square was posted. 
  July 13, 2008  A re-visit to Queen Sirikit Park was made. New video clip and pictures were
  July 5, 2008  A re-visit to Sanam Chandra Palace and Phra Pathom Chedi was made.
  June 26, 2008  Another visit was made to the Golden Mount (Phukhao Thong). New pictures
and video clips are being prepared.
  June 22, 2008  Many of the video clips of Bangkok were rebuilt by using new software version
which resulted in better quality videos.
  June 21, 2008  Web pages of Pantip Plaza and IT Mall were updated.
  June 14, 2008  Visited Wat Arun and prepared new video clips :  Wat Arun Part 2 | Wat Arun Part 3.
  June 10, 2008  New pictures and video clips were made for Central World Plaza and Gaysorn Plaza.
  June 7, 2008  New video clips were posted for : Phra Sumeru Fortress and a Riverside Restaurant.
  June 4, 2008  Web page of BTS Sky Train and video clip was updated. Also new web page with
pictures and video clip was made for
MBK Center.
  June 2, 2008  An update of Digital Picture Gallery 9 was made.
  June 1, 2008 A re-visit to Koh Kret was made. Two video clips just posted were : Video 1 | Video 2.
  May 24, 2008  New video clip of Vimanmek Mansion and Dusit Zoo were posted.
  May 23-28, 2008  Web pages updated to 1024 x 768 pixels were :
Pattaya | Chiang Mai | Kanchanaburi | Ayutthaya | Hua Hin | Cha Am | Phuket |
Ancient City
  May 20, 2008  The web page "Places to See in Bangkok" was updated.
  May 17, 2008  A re-visit to the Ancient City was made. Four video clips were posted.
Start here with the
High Quality Version, or start here with the Standard
Quality Version.
Many scenes from the Ancient City are in the film
"The King Maker". Also, new pictures were added.
  May 14, 2008  Today we modified the main page of Bangkoksite.com for 1025 x 768 pixels
screen resolution. Rearrangement of information were made for nicer looking.
  May 10, 2008  New web page on Bangkok City Views and video clips were posted.
  May 5, 2008  A brief re-visit to Ayutthaya was made. Four video clips were posted as follows :
Wat Phra Sri Sanphet | Elephant Riding | Wat Chaiwatthanaram | Wat Maheyong
Also, pictures were added. In addition, we have just tried two popup video clips
which can be seen from Ayutthaya web page.
  April 26, 2008  Two new video clips were made : Khao Kaeow Open Zoo and
Pattaya Park (Pattaya Tower), after a brief visit on April 26, 2008.
  April 20, 2008  A brief visit was made ot Jatuchak Weekend Market. A video clip
was posted. 
  April 9, 2008  BIMS 2008 Photo Slideshow was posted.
  April 7, 2008  New video clip of Ratchaprasong - Central World Plaza area was posted.
Also 12 video clips were posted in YouTube web site, under the name somkietph.
  April 5, 2008  A re-visit to Wat Suthat was made. Two video clips were posted. 
  April 3, 2008 An article on Sony High Definition Video Camera HDR-SR11E was updated.
  March 29, 2008 New flash video clips for Damnoen Saduak floating market were posted.
  March 26, 2008 The 29th Bangkok International Motor Show 2008 started on March 26th.
Web page and video clip of the BIMS were posted.
  March 22, 2008 Web page of Wat Pho was updated with more pictures and video clips.
New video clips posted as follows :
Wat Pho - Part 1 | Wat Pho - Part 2
Wat Ratchabophit and Wat Arun - The Ferry
  March 15, 2008 A revisit to Bang Pa-In palace was made. Two flash video clips were posted as :
Bang Pa-In Palace Part 1 and  Bang Pa-In Palace Part 2
  March 10, 2008 A complete list of flash video clips was prepared.
  March 8, 2008 A re-visit was made to Samut Prakan Crocodile Farm and Zoo.
The web page was updated and four video clips were posted.
  March 7, 2008 New rebuilt flash video for Bang Pa-In Palace was posted.
  February 26-27 A 2-day trip to Cha Am, Hua Hin, Pranburi and Kang Krachan Dam was made.
New flash video clips posted are :
Cha Am Beach | Pran Buri Beach
La Mer Restaurant |
Kang Krachan Dam & Reservoir.
  February 23-24 A 2-day trip to Pattaya was made. New video clip of Sri Racha was posted.


February 19-21 A 3-day trip to Chiang Mai was made. We shot many new pictures and
13 interesting video clips.
Click here to see the list of new videos.


February 17 Chao Phraya River and canals trip was made. Click here to see videos.
  February 6-10 Flash video clips were made for : Erawan ShrineAyutthaya (2 options) and
Wat Don Wai Floating Market (2 options).
  January 26 Flash video clips were made for : Chaophraya River and Wat Indravihara.
  January 19 Video clips were rebuilt using flash video technique with larger size of 400
pixels. These videos are sharper than the original ones. New Flash videos
are put together on a
summary page.
  January 11 A short trip to Pattaya was made. New pictures and flash video were added.

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